View Full Version : Can't find an ID for this

06/29/2015, 07:38 AM
About 3 months ago when I finished setting up my 150 gallon tank, inside the sand that the lady from my LFS brought to fill up my tank, inside came a small zoanthid with roughly 3 small heads. Knowing it was cramped up in that bag, I had assumed it won't open (Even though it looked fine, just that the heads were tightly closed) because it may have been an old bag with just a little bit of water. I put it in my 30 gallon hoping it would open some day. 2 weeks later it opened but it was just a bland blue. Now 2 months later I put it on a rock with my other zoanthids and now it has a completely different color then before.

http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/018...f?v=1352623191 The closest zoanthid that looks like the one I have is this, except the hairs are shorter, stubbier and green, doesn't have a purple border before the hairs, it does have a blue like that around the head with a purple center although the purple is a tiny bit larger in diameter and a bit more noticeable. I'd add the photo of mine but it comes out blurry and super neon blue thanks to my iPhone's camera. The sand also came from the Caribbean if that helps. It isn't a very obvious zoa in my tank but it's definitely not ugly, even cooler knowing it may be a new color.