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07/03/2015, 11:39 PM
Hi everyone

..ok, its been a few years since I posted anything, but I could use some help. I found a frag at a LFS and am not sure what it is.

Here are a few pics. The coral is a nice teal with brighter blue "eyes". The last pic is a bit skewed from the bow of the glass, but it should be a good reference pic to compare against some acans, a wells and a few other corals.

Thanks in advance!

07/04/2015, 10:48 AM
Polyphyllia perhaps?

07/05/2015, 05:48 AM
Thanks, but it is definitely not a tongue coral (at least like one I have seen before)...it is growing over the plug a lot like a chalice...but the tentacles (which are almost never visible) make it seem a little like a weird lepto...but I think I am wrong on both of those guesses.... :/

07/19/2015, 09:47 PM

07/22/2015, 07:20 AM
Agree with Kurt

07/24/2015, 08:53 AM
Yep, nice PE to boot!

07/26/2015, 11:43 AM
Thanks everyone! Lithophyllon pics look exactly like what I have. I appreciate everyone helping me figure this out :)