View Full Version : First batch of coral frags

07/09/2015, 09:01 AM
So, new to the hobby (posted in the newbie intro thread) and I mentioned I picked up some coral frags when my LFS had everything on sale. I think I'm glad I had to put them in a QT, because some stuff is showing up I didn't see originally.

First off, this little guy is crawling quite actively around this zoa frag when the lights are off - looks like 2 legs of some type of starfish:

My Australian prism favia has developed a reddish fringe/thread/something that has worked its way from the outside corner around to the center of the mouth(?):

Also, I think that's an aiptasia on the right side of it?

Pardon the bad focus on this picture, I'll try to get the glass cleaned a bit so it shows up better when I get home from work and the polyps are still open, but I have NO clue what kind of coral this is. Under the actinic/UV light the stalks are purple and the tentacles at the top are neon green:

Finally, this little colony of what I thought were zoas but I'm not sure now, they don't open and I'm wondering if they're dead. I didn't know what an aiptasia was when I got this frag and thought the giant tree-looking thing was supposed to be there and I don't think the LFS guy noticed it because he was super swamped with the sale. At times this guy has extended out at least an inch and when I fed them he's visibly moving to pull in the food. There's several other smaller versions of it on the same piece of rock.


I'm going by the LFS today to get water and some Reef dip just to be on the safe side. My display tank won't be ready for these guys for probably another week. I'll also take some better pics when I get home while the zoas are still open. :)