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07/10/2015, 03:59 AM
As the title states... Customer service A++!
All of my online purchasing is exclusively with PA. All of my orders have gone without a hitch or problem.
So to my surprise this last order had two issues. I placed a $600 order on Sunday while their 4th sale was going on. Seems when I received my e-mailed invoice, only half showed the savings, the other half was showing full price. I called, left a message, within 1 hour I received a call back, and within 30 seconds, the difference was on it's was back to my card. Very nice customer service person, Luke I believe.
So then said order is on my steps last night when I get home. But one of the boxes looks a little worst for the wear. And this one contains 4 T5 39W lamps I ordered for a friend. My worst thought was correct as I picked up the box. I hear what sounds like glass rattling. So I open it only to find all 4 lamps broken. It appears the shipping box had something heavy put on top and in the middle. I'm thinking it was the 200 gal salt mix I also ordered. So I call again, but this time within 5 minutes I get a call back. It's Luke again, I explain the issue and what I thought happened. He asked a few simple questions, said he was sorry and would get this fixed ASAP. Needless to say, I checked this morning 4 new lamps are on the way!
So two thumbs up for PA and the excellent customer service.
Thanks Luke

07/10/2015, 08:20 PM
I'm passing this along to Luke - he'll appreciate your kind words! If there's any issue at all with the replacement shipment please contact Luke directly and it will be handled!