View Full Version : Chemipure comparison and questions

07/10/2015, 03:37 PM
Is anyone able to tell me if I understand this right?

(Works Okay)

Chemipure Elite:
Chemipure and GFO
(Works Great)

Chemipure Blue:
Chemipure Elite and Purigen

Also is the carbon in each of these products activated with steam or phosphoric acid?

07/10/2015, 05:40 PM
Or save yourself lots of money and buy bulk carbon and Gfo.

This from someone who used chemipure for 20 or so years.

07/10/2015, 06:23 PM
Not sure the blue uses purigen or another resin. Doubt phosphoric acid is used but it might be. The elite contains gfo and gac. The elite and the regular also contain some di resin useful to a degree in freshwater applications but not for slat water though it's harmless.