View Full Version : New Photon 48 problem with moon light

07/12/2015, 06:54 AM
Just got my Photon 48, installed it on the tank and love it, however in moon mode the moon lights do not work on one side. It appears there are 3 lights that should be on, but are not. When on the other settings, these lights are on on one side but not the others.

I have tried cutting it off and on and unplugging power supply.

Any other options or am I going to have to send it back?


07/12/2015, 09:21 PM
Hi Elizabeth,

Your email has been replied to. If possible, please check that the moonlight driver did not come unplugged during shipment, this can occur if the package was handled roughly.

01/10/2016, 02:52 PM
Just wanted to update this post (finally - due to my slowness, not Logan's.)

The moon driver was bad but Logan helped me troubleshoot the problem through numerous emails. He was very patient with my many, many questions. He shipped the new moon driver as soon as we decided that was the problem.

I was able to replace the moon driver myself and keep the light in use until I was able to get to it.

Thanks Logan for your help and patience and GREAT customer service.

Oh and I absolutely love the light and highly recommend it!!