View Full Version : STC1000 or ATC800 Controllers

07/16/2015, 03:51 PM

Im going to use one of the ATC800 or STC1000 controllers to control two heaters and a chiller. The ATC800 has a 25AMP cooling side so I guess this will be the one.

I have a concern about running a chiller through this. The way I see it you would have to cycle the overall power of the chiller. Im guessing you set the chiller to the minimum value and let the ATC800 cycle it. I have read you can set a delay to protect the chiller compressor so it doesnt cycle constantly but Im concerned about running my chiller this way.

Anyone out there using one to run a chiller or any advice generally.

If i use it only to run heaters Ill probably just use a STC1000


07/17/2015, 04:36 PM
The STC1000 (and the newer E1000) can do cooling as well, why only use that if not cooling? I haven't actually used it for a chiller (I just use my STC1000 for heater and cooling fans) but that certainly has a delay timer on the cooling side to prevent rapid turning on and off (not that that would happen anyway as it waits for at least 0.3C temp change before switching on/off).