View Full Version : Can I daisy chain modded Evergrow?

07/18/2015, 12:25 PM
I have been modding 4 Evergrow D120 led fixtures so that I can control them with my apex.

I found the info on how to make my own custom cat5 cables to work with the Apex and completed

I have also cut and connected the dimmer switch wires to a female cat5 connector.

What I have not been able to find is any info on whether I can daisy chain the 4 lights together without issues or if I need to do something more to the fixtures.. I want to connect all the blue channels together and use one variable speed Apex port. I want to do the same for the whites
Will doing this cause an issue?

Can I daisy chain the power cords together, basically the same way as the cat5 would be done. If this is possible, do they make a cord or kit to do it properly. I do not want to cut and splice wires etc.

The objective of this, is to only use one plug to the Apex outlet. One for the whites and one for the blues.


I thought I had 4 Evergrows and I actually have 3 plus 1 unknown.

The unknown has a different dimmer set up and I do not know what the wires are.

The led driver tells which ones are for the led power (red + Black -) It also tells me the fan wires (yellow - Black +) Nowhere does it show what the 3 dimmer wires are. There is a yellow, back and white wire that comes from the driver to the dimmer.

Anyone know how I can determine what the wires are?