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07/19/2015, 09:13 PM

I'm looking into an Aqua Excel DC 8,000 (~2100 GPH) or 10,000 (~2600 GPH). Has anyone ever heard of these or used them before? I like that you can adjust the flow rate as well as the built in ten minute feed mode.

If you know of another submersible pump with adjustable power + feed mode, I'd love to hear about it.

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07/19/2015, 09:18 PM
I do not own one but I can tell you I would rather adjust the flow rate at the pump than mess around with PVC valves, gate or otherwise to restrict flow.

07/19/2015, 09:21 PM
Yeah, I have a ball valve on mine and it's not a huge PITA, but I'd like to search for alternatives before I do that again.

Does your pump now have adjustable flow rate?

07/19/2015, 09:37 PM
My pump is not adjustable. I have an 8 year old GenX Mark 4 that runs wide open and seems to work well the way I have it plumbed on a 120 with dual overflows.

07/23/2015, 12:43 AM

07/23/2015, 09:53 AM
i haven't heard of them, but that's a heck of a lot of water flow. the 8000 looks to max out around 2100ish gph? is this going to be sitting right below the tank, or are you pumping water up from another floor?

i got a Mag 12 (1200 gph) as the return pump for my 160. it is in the stand, and i realized it was pushing an insane amount of flow through the display, even at ~6' of head. i actually ended up swapping it out for a spare Mag 7 (700 gph) i had laying around, which is a much better turn over rate for what i'm looking for.

tldr; that's probably overkill for a 125g.

Philly guy
07/23/2015, 10:02 AM
The Aqua Excel pumps look like another private label of the numerous Chinese DC pumps that are on the market. I have a Jeabo DC12000 pump on my 210 gal. I find the pump to be relatively reliable and quiet but the flow is no where near what it is advertised at. Mine is rated at over 3100 gph but I am getting less that half that amount thru my returns.