View Full Version : Where Can I Purchase a Bimac

07/22/2015, 05:27 AM
Hey guys, been a while since I have posted on RC but I would like to make my 55 FOWLR into a species tank to hold a Octopus bimaculoides. After much research online, I just cannot seem to find a reputable dealer. Does anyone have any opinions or dealers I may contact to buy one? I live in Rhode Island if that helps and I would love to get one as young as possible.

And yes I do have a great setup for the Octo (although the 55 long may be on the smaller side), I have done my research and am an experienced reef keeper already so the transition to cephalopods should be fun and easy for me to do.

Thank you for any input.

07/23/2015, 10:19 AM
bump any suggestions?

08/09/2015, 12:47 AM
Last time I had mine, my lfs ordered it for me as I could not find one online. I would start there.

08/15/2015, 09:30 PM
You'll be able to find them a lot easier in late September/early October. There are a few places based from California that can get them. Check out www.tonmo.com. O briarues would fit well in a 55g and are easier to find. They're pretty diurnal too.