View Full Version : Eheim 1260 to 1262

07/25/2015, 11:44 AM
It's as easy as changing the volute. Can be had for ~$12, but I'm cheap and I have no patience LOL! So, I took the dremel to it!


If you do this without a replacement volute handy or accessible (like I did), and you toast it, and your pump is down for the count, and your tank crashes...not my fault. I warned you.


Super easy, 5 minutes. Took the pump apart to clean, been wanting to change it out, decided I would try the free route first. I have no quantitative data yet (I do have flowmeters), but all appearances would suggest that it worked perfectly well. LOTS more flow. Is it as good/smooth as the OEM piece? Well, no, but it seems to work perfectly fine and the, I dunno, 10gph more that you could probably get with the real deal doesn't seem worth the price to me.

Included a couple of pics with just one pie piece removed for comparison. Big difference. And it's super easy to see where to quit removing material. Don't be afraid. DON'T hog on the supports too much, you could probably eat one out if you don't pay a little bit of attention. I just used a small fluted bit.