View Full Version : live rock turning white

07/25/2015, 11:08 PM
Hellow. Ive been running my aquarium for about three months. And now my live rock is turning white. I was wondering what is going on. I have two clowns and a xenia and gsp. Corals are doing great. Ammonia is at zero, ph at 8.2 , alkalinity at 11 dkh. Calcium at 400. Phosphate At zero
. Nitrate and nitrite is at zero. Any help would be greatly appreciated

07/27/2015, 11:26 AM
Are you referring to live rock that began colored up and is now fading to white? Or did you begin with pale rock, it grew color over the last 3 months, and now that color is bleaching?

If you'll PM me, we can continue this conversation there so that this thread doesn't get too cluttered up with our back-and-forth responses.

If you prefer, my email is [email protected] and you can send your responses there. Hopefully we can solve this mystery for you!