View Full Version : Transferring from rotifers to TDO A

07/26/2015, 01:45 PM
Im on day three. I want to skip the nhbbs to eliminate that variable of them dying. How to i introduce it? Wont the clownfish still go for the rots? How do i kno they r eating the TDO?

07/26/2015, 05:53 PM
I have read of some breeders using only TDO A from day 1 with banggai's, and apparently the biggest challenge is keeping it in suspension for the larvae to have access to it. One report spoke of using a kreisel with pretty high flow to circulate the food. I think C-Quest successfully raised clowns solely on dry foods with some success. One additional chore with dry foods is increased need for bottom vacuuming to remove settled uneaten food to prevent fouling the water.

I'm interested to see how your clowns do with this, and will be following along!