View Full Version : Hello....hello.... Is anyone here?

08/03/2015, 08:58 PM
I'd like info on the club if anyone is there. I'm presently tankless, but starting a conversion of the garage into a hobby room. It will include both a 120 and 180 gal in wall tanks in a dedicated fish room. Previously had 2 120 gal tanks both mixed reef.

08/29/2015, 05:33 PM
I'm new to the hobby, currently have a 120g reef setup

08/30/2015, 05:00 PM
So far my tanks only exist as empty glass boxes until I get the conversion of my garage done. Hope to have that complete by mid October. Started in the hobby about 13 years ago when we lived in the Marshall Islands. Imagine my surprise when we moved to Virginia and I had to pay $8 a pound for rocks that I had previously picked up during low tide reef walks. worked my way up to two 120s with mixed reef and then was downsized at work and subsequently moved back to Missouri in 2010. Have had a lot of things go on since then, including buying a house by Lake of the Ozarks. I'd like to think that things will slow down a bit after this reno, but not likely. My plan is for a 120 mixed reef, 180 reef and a 40 ish tall as a ricordea tank all mounted in wall and then a frag tank and isolation tanks. When you dream, dream big.
One of the issues I'm working thru is during the 5 years away from the hobby a lot of things have changed and there are a lot of new things in use now. Going to try LEDs in lieu of the MH lights on the 180. and probably the 120 as well. It'll be nice not having the heat and electric bills of MH to deal with.

08/31/2015, 06:46 AM
Sounds like a good plan. I've met quite a few locals with similar interests at TheSeas.org Be sure to post pictures along the way of your build process!