View Full Version : finger leather ID?

08/05/2015, 11:18 AM
I had purchased several corals from saltwaterfish.com a month or so ago, including what was referred to as a finger leather coral. It has been doing OK and it regularly sheds. I have moved it a few times trying to see where it would do best. It started off in the sand but with my diamond goby doing his thing moving sand around, I kept having to stand it back up. moving it higher seemed to do OK for a few days but then it stopped expanding like it would normally do daily and i noticed some bleaching spots. I wasn't sure if it was too high even though it was in the middle of the tank. i also noticed it may have expanded large enough to be in reach of my torch. so could the torch have stung it and if so, will it get better? it has been shrunken now for a few days. also, the coral doesn't look like most of the pics of finger leathers I have seen on this forum so can someone confirm what type of leather it is?

08/05/2015, 11:53 AM
devils hand? mine is on top in high lighting and flow. get it away from the torch.

08/05/2015, 01:15 PM

Lobophytum, aka Devil's Hand.

08/17/2015, 02:52 PM
+1 lobophytum/devil's hand... that morph looks like a green crown leather, if you want to get specific