View Full Version : Hey Richard; I think i am back ..... to running a tank that is.

08/07/2015, 01:17 AM
I have no idea who around here may remember me but for a long time I had a reef tank with TBS rock and stuff. but about 6 years ago I had to move and was also dealing with financial and other issues so I had to bow out and sell all my stuff.

well as of now thing look like they are back on track and I am starting to get the "itch" to setup a new tank....

I am still in the tampa area so I will be able to do a local pickup.

I am looking into what has advanced in the time I have been out.
any one have thoughts on using LED lighting for a large reef tank?
say a 72 inch long 150 gallon display tank with corals ?

08/07/2015, 05:22 AM
You may be better off posting your lighting question in the "Lighting, filtration, and other" forum on here.