View Full Version : Thinking buying Jebao pump from Amazon

08/08/2015, 09:50 PM
They have WP25 for $44 mine lasted 2 years so why not try again? Was thinking spending $300+ for apex wav think might regret that later seems way too expensive after seeing this price.


08/08/2015, 10:05 PM
If you got two years out of them you are ahead of the game....I usually plan on replacing them after about a year....they are basically disposable.

I use them anyway but have already began moving away from them.

08/08/2015, 11:08 PM
I also own a jebao WP25 for almost two years and mine is still kicking strong. Since then O try the Jebao Rw-4 and I fell in love with newer RW series. The best thing is it has more speed control compare to WP pump which only has 3 speed level. And also more wider and not focus wave perfect for LPS.

08/09/2015, 12:45 AM
I Buy all my stuff off amazon and I've yet to be bit.


Ron Reefman
08/09/2015, 06:04 AM
Do the math. A $50 pump can be replaced 6 times for the cost of the $300 pump. And the $300 pump won't last 12 years. Buy the less expensive pump and buy an inexpensive back up to put on the shelf. Then the first one fails you have a replacement sitting there waiting. Then buy another 'spare'.

In fact Ecotech, after telling us for years that we were wrong and their pumps were quiet, now they sell and advertise their new QUIETER pump.

BTW, I have 6 Jebao WP pumps spread over 4 tanks and in 2+ years I've replaced 2.