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08/11/2015, 12:06 PM
Greetings Richard et al:

I'm in the process of building a replacement for my 46 bow front. I've got a 75 sitting in my garage just begging to be set up!

I've got close to 50 lbs of rock in my current tank with a mix of mostly LPS, softies, a couple SPS and anemones.

I know I'll need to get more live rock and am very interested in TBS rock!

A couple questions:
1. Do you ship with Alaska Airlines? I live in Alaska and work for Alaska Airlines. I know we have one daily departure to Seattle from Tampa. With a Seattle connection, a shipment can make it to Anchorage in a day (a long day, I know, my family and I did it last March!). Will everything be ok if I picked up the next day?

2. With a system that's been running for several years, I won't need a very large shipment- maybe 30-40 lbs? I'd still like to get the Package with clean up crew, etc. would I just start at Step 2?

I'm really having a conundrum with how to make the transition to the larger tank.... Do I move the 46 and all its inhabitants to a different location and start new with the 75- new sand, rock, cycle, then transfer everything over a period of a few weeks. Or do I move all at once, completely tearing down the 46..... Decisions, decisions.

Fortunately I have a while to research this... I still have to build a stand and save up for lights, skimmer, TBS rock, etc!

Thanks for you time and advice!

08/12/2015, 12:35 PM
Will check on Alaska airlines..

best way to do this is to put everything you have in the new tank...let it flow a couple of weeks...then deduct what you have from the Package recipe...and that is what you need!

sea ya
Richard TBS
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08/12/2015, 11:39 PM
Man this is great support, I cannot wait to place my order on my next tank.