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08/13/2015, 05:45 PM
I got my order today from BZ. Got a Solon Wrasse and 1.2 Bartlett's Anthias. From the packaging, included kit and fish I am beyond impressed. Very nice.

08/14/2015, 01:12 AM
I got my order today from BZ. Got a Solon Wrasse and 1.2 Bartlett's Anthias. From the packaging, included kit and fish I am beyond impressed. Very nice.

another buyer got good delivery. I hope I get mine like that this Saturday. Will keep you posted.

08/14/2015, 10:20 AM
Thanks for the comments. We do appreciate the business and look forward to serving you again soon. Take care.

08/14/2015, 10:00 PM
Bluezoo is a great place to order from, all my orders came in healthy and the sizes i wanted.

10/15/2015, 06:20 PM
This is really late but i wanted to throw my opinion out there for anyone else reading through forums debating ordering. I didn't have the greatest time ordering through BZ, one fish DOA out of 6, and then 2 more died within 24 hours. I checked my water to make sure it wasn't anything on my end, check out pristine. 2 more died the next day. still water checked out pristine and all my livestock in the tank previous was just fine and healthy. So within 48 hours of getting my order 5 out of 6 fish died and the customer service from them is 100% automated... i get its a large company so they can't talk 1 one 1 with each customer but atleast make them feel like there valued instead of a chore. Thats just my 2 cents on the subject though.

10/22/2015, 12:00 PM
Thanks for the update. We appreciate the comments both good and bad. Although our system for issuing credits on livestock losses is automated, you are welcome to call 888-479-2583 during normal business hours and speak to very knowledgeable people regarding your order or about any aquarium problems you are having.

Although we do ship a fair number of animals each day, we do take the time to give advice and feedback to our customers as evidenced by this email received on 10/19/15

"Thank you so much. Other than my lfs you are one of the most helpful, reliable online sites I will only deal with. Everything from the shopping experience, guarantee, live merchandise and information you provide me on a variety of topics. I know I am not a huge buyer but it's good to know you take care of the little "guy" as well"

The above email was sent by Barry from New Jersey. He has been doing business with our company since May of 2008 and we have gotten to know him well. He is not the most tech savvy individual and would not know about places like Reef Central to post comments. That actually describes a fair number of customers who email us all the time with positive feedback. Like this email received 10/21/15:

"Received my order this morning. Just have to tell you how thrilled I am with my first purchase. Fish are better than expected and already eating. Can't thank you enough. I will be ordering again. The sea.....net of wonder forever.
P.S.-- Thanks for the extras."

Pat lives in Pennsylvania and had lots of questions before she ordered. She called us and emailed us about several topics before deciding on what she wanted. She too was unaware that a place like Reef Central even existed and we directed to this site to get more information about reef tanks.

Another recent email came from another customer from Pennsylvania, Zane:

"Thank you. The Leopard Wrasse is doing great. She has been out eating pods since day 1, and is already eating frozen food!! Thank you for sending such an excellent fish."

Zane has ordered from us 4 times since 01/2015 and has had great success with our animals. He is a very experienced hobbyist who seeks out the hard to keep fish like leopard wrasses and various anthias.

The point is, while not every single shipment we send can work out 100% perfect, we feel that we do an excellent job of handling, packing and shipping animals. Unlike most other companies that drop ship animals from third party suppliers, we handle every single fish, coral and invert we sell and make sure each one is packed to our standards. The very rare occasion where something is not perfect will wind up on places like Reef Central but all of the other occurrences of satisfied customers will either go unheard by us or private emails will be sent to express gratitude.

Another thing to always take into consideration when it comes to claims and animal losses is the fact that sometimes people make mistakes. We are not aware of the circumstances surrounding the losses incurred by PfenWendt, but a similar situation happened a few weeks ago. A customer received an order of 6 or 7 fish which all arrived alive. In the course of 1 week he lost them all plus others that had been in the aquarium already. He was very upset and blamed us for the loss. We calmly let him explain the situation and found out this was a brand new 50 gallon aquarium which had not yet finished cycling and was in the middle of a massive bacterial bloom caused by over dosing a bacterial additive. This was very evident in the pictures this customer sent of his aquarium. We politely explained the most likely reasons for his losses and instructed him on proper aquarium cycling. He thanked us and said he would try again in a few weeks after the tank cleared up. We even kept his credits for the losses in his account even though it was clearly nothing we did wrong to instigate the losses.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If anybody ever has questions and would like to speak to a real live person, please call us at 888-479-2583. Or email us at [email protected]

We are always here to help.