View Full Version : Hysteresis help

08/15/2015, 03:11 AM
I am just programming my touch and have hit one of those times when you start questioning yourself. If I setup for a heater to turn on when the tank temp goes below a certain limit how do I set the hysteresis. In the past I have set it to 0.5 up on the reference temperature on the basis that the heater will turn off when it hits 0.5 above the reference temperature. Is that right.


08/17/2015, 09:11 PM
Yes there is the Hysteresis setting and it works exactly like the old controller.
After you set it, go into programs and edit the program and make sure the .5 is still there, I noticed a slight bug that sometime when you do it directly from say the temp probe section that the hysteresis gets set back to zero on saving, but if you do it from within the program section it always remains set or go into programs afterwards and just edit it back in.