View Full Version : going to Photon 48 from 4 bulb T5

08/20/2015, 05:27 PM
I have a new 48" photon coming to put over my mixed reef tank.
I have a 4 tube T5 light on there now that I run10 hrs a day, blues an hour before the Coral plus comes on and an hour after they go off.
The coral I have in the tank are some frogspawn, torches , hammers , bubble a couple of monti caps, birdsnest, leather, cabbage, poccilapora, galaxia, zoas.....pretty mixed.
I plan to use the tank mount. The faqs say to start at 30%. Is there a default start up setting that acclimates or do you have to manually do it ?
It also says to increase 10% a week, at what point to you stop raising the intensity ?
Thanks for the help. I've seen these on another reefers tank and fell in love.....lol

08/21/2015, 09:59 AM

You add about 10% manually each week and see how your corals react to changes in light power, and adjust accordingly.

Most people stop around 70% power, but you could go less, or more. It depends on how your corals react and how much growth you are getting.