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08/21/2015, 06:02 PM
This may be a premature thread, but all the other threads have had a number of negative posts about how this device will be impossible, is too expensive, or completely unnecessary. I get it, and I don稚 completely disagree with the nay-sayers. But it would be nice to have a thread where all common (future) owners can gather and discuss the product in a positive light.

Obviously, every aquarium device (controllers included) are useful to some and useless or cost-prohibitive to others. Let me say that I知 excited about this product, because for me I知 really looking forward to getting real-time data which will help me monitor changes in my tank, and maximize the reef health. Yes, some of the parameters are useless to me, but may be useful to others.

For me, setting aside time to do regular water testing is very difficult, and having had several crashes in the past, it would have been good to have known that I was heading in a bad direction with something. This device is really going to be a timesaver for me, much like the Apex controller has already done for me with its current offerings.

In addition, my current probes just seem to drive me crazy (without going into excessive detail), as I sometimes find myself questioning the accuracy of the probes and their readings. I知 hopeful that this device will create a double-check of my existing probes, so I can be confident in my tank parameters.

Is it unnecessary? Maybe. Is it expensive? Definitely. But for me, I知 in. We all spend our money on something, and to me, this device seems worth the risk. I知 hoping this thread will bring all the current Kickstarter backers together, so we can share experiences and help each other troubleshoot as the device launches.