View Full Version : Photon 24 with soft corals

08/21/2015, 06:53 PM
I got my Photon 24 about a week ago. My tank is a 40 breeder, and at first I did not like the look of the light. It was too much of a spotlight look, and the ends were to dark for my liking. I took the optics off and it looks so much better. Im overall pleased with the look, but Im not sure what percent I should go up too for my soft corals. I have leathers, kenya trees, zoas, and gsp. I heard if you take the optics off you have to increase the percent higher to match what it was with optics on, is that true, and if so how much? Right now with no optics my percent peaks at 35% on the blues, and 25% on the whites. It ramps up slow to this and then back down at night.