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08/28/2015, 02:27 PM
With the threat of the storm looming.....decided to dive today as if Erika comes our way it can mess up the Gulf for a couple of weeks....or longer.

Was two-three foot seas this morning with white caps. Amazingly the visibility was the best I have seen it in the last three months. I could actually see the bottom of the boat when I was collecting rock.

Took my time today, used two tanks of air, and collected all the rock my boat could carry. Picked some large pieces of Pukani for Denny's tank....and some smaller ones to ship out. Came up from my second dive...and the seas had calmed significantly....down to 1-2 foot...but no white caps.

I also harvested a lot of small pieces for nano tanks today...so am stocked to the gills with rock ready to go for your tank!

Richard TBS
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08/28/2015, 03:02 PM
Cool, I know that storm track shifted last night to head more our way and we need to see what happens next if it spend too much time over Cuba and south Florida then we may only get some rain but if it steers over a lot of water .... whole different deal!

I have a UPS package that is supposed to have my missing parts delivered today. and I have about 85 gallons of water mixed and waiting to get in the tank if the parts all work.
after I get this all working I may have a review to write of the folks that made my tank and stand. they get good marks on the construction but not so good on the shipping and telling me what was back order and when I would get it.

in the end I think this will be a really nice tank but just getting all the parts has been an adventure! my RODI needed a booster pump for low tap pressure, my Tunze pump controller was missing a part, got a crew to move the tank but had to call around and find someone ... oh well it's getting there!

08/28/2015, 04:23 PM
I read on spearboard that vis was top to bottom. I wish I could have made it today. :( I'm really anxious and a little worried to get my rocks right.

08/28/2015, 06:59 PM
OK things have hit a new low for me in this and I am goijg to say this:


the tank and stand look really nice but they seem to be unable to handle shipping an order to a customer.

problems I have had:
1) 3 weeks after the order I still am missing basic plumbing parts to get the tank running.
2) they have never sent a detailed list of parts that where shipped, I have had to call them and ask for that.
3) when later in getting the parts they do not notify the customer what they have shipped.
4) they are late but still ship stuff ground when they should have shipped it 2nd day or overnight as they have told me that they know I am waiting for the parts.
5) a tank and stand that cost a lot of money - 6 foot 150 gallon tank, was not shipped in a crate it was just barely padded and wrapped and I was amazed that only one small chip on the finish of the stand was found; the tank was packed with foam panels ok but the stand was not well padded and should have been done better.

in all fairness the tank and stand look great. put given the issues I have been having I am starting to worry that it may have problems when I start to fill it with water and stuff.
I hope that will not happen but when I have been waiting for three weeks to get the thing setup and had to make so many phone calls I just can not be comfortable with them.

08/29/2015, 06:36 PM
kinda looks like that storm is just going to give us more rain but not any big winds, worst I think for most folks is the flooding in the areas that are prone to it.

will this do much to the gulf ? other than the clouds and rain that is.