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09/03/2015, 12:00 PM
Ordered a male and female Melenarus Wrasse from them 2 days ago. Fish shipped the very next day:fun5:, arrived this morning:dance:. Packaging as always was top notch:thumbsup:. I just can't say how happy I am with every single order I have ever made with Vivid.

I will get the pics posted shortly, but saying Vivid is worth a look is a huge understatement.:deadhorse:

For me, I don't mind paying the extra in the slightest. There is and always has been a difference between them and a lot of other stores. When I order from some online vendors (no names to be mentioned) I get frags that I can tell were either just cut or cut just long enough to heal. When I order from Vivid I get frags that not only healed but have either started producing new polyps\heads or have started encrusting the frag plug.:lol2:

Thank you again for another fantastic experience. :wavehand:

Sincerely, another return customer.:love2: