View Full Version : Clownfish fry feeding: TDO vs Otohime

09/04/2015, 01:37 AM
Anyone have any feedback on either of these 2, Otohime A and TDO chroma boost for ocellaris fry? According to Reed the pellets are the same size. I'm looking for something to feed one week old fry. Only had one survive from the 3rd batch of eggs from my newly spawning pair so I'm hesitant to want to buy a large bag of Otohime in case this is my rate of survival. Can someone tell me what they're feeding their fry and at what age? And if anyone wants to sell some of their Otohime A or TDO let me know, I'm in the SF Bay Area. Thanks!

09/04/2015, 05:16 AM
i feed the otohime to start with then switch to TDO B1 so far with good results. I start with rotifers for the 1st week then i slowly ween them off the rotifers with less rotifers and otohime some clowns can be picky IME and can take longer to ween off live foods, if I have some of them I usually replace the rotifers with newly hatched BBS. but usally when the clowns see others eating the dry foods they follow along.

09/04/2015, 10:14 PM
thanks! why did u decide to choose TDO for B1 size and not Otohime's? Just curious but do u buy from Reed's or a LFS? Been hoping to find some at a LFS since the shipping costs just as much as what I'm buying :/.

09/05/2015, 12:15 AM
I bought the breeder pack from reed's when i first started and those were the one's i just had chose, no real reason, im sure my results would have been the same either way.

The shipping is spendy because it needs to stay cold. I doubt you will find any at a lfs as this is mainly for breeding. I just order some when i need to when i get my rg complete

09/08/2015, 11:36 PM
TDO = Top Dressed Otohime. ChromaBoost is basically Otohime with Haematococcus added, which provides a color enhancer (astaxanthin) and supposedly more nutrients. I'd be curious to see an experiment done where half a batch is fed normal Otohime and the other half ChromaBoost so we can see how much of a difference ChromaBoost makes.

Anecdotally speaking, if you're looking for the best colored clowns, then spend the extra to get TDO. I personally think it's a non-issue because Reed no longer sells small packs of regular Otohime anyway. I just bought the breeder pack and its lasted forever. When the clowns get larger I add frozen food (Rods and LRS Fish Frenzy) to their diet so the larger sized pellets last even longer.

I do the same as shifty where I feed rotifers for about the first week, and then sprinkle some size A into the tank. Apparently the don't each much of it, they just get used to how it smells and that it's at the surface of the water. I skip BBS altogether. To be completely honest, you really don't need size A either -- you can get by with a larger size -- just grind it or rub it between your fingers and you essentially have size A.

I don't remember which stores in the Bay Area sell TDO, but I've seen it before. When I need something from Reed, I just ask my LFS (Aquatic Collection) to order it for me and then I pick it up when it arrives. It saves me shipping costs though I typically spend that amount while I'm at the shop anyway. Support your LFS!

Depending on where you are in the Bay Area, you're welcome to swing by and pick up a little bit of TDO A if you want to see what it looks like. Just send me a PM.

09/11/2015, 06:02 PM
Thanks DNak. I ended up buying the TDO B1 and C1. It's week 2 for the fry and I notice they don't necessarily eat it, I see it floating but not going after it. I still have Rotifers in the tank so I'm guessing that's the primary source of food still. Thanks for the tip about ordering through a LFS. Aquatic Collection is not too far for me so I'll def consider that when I need to order again. Thanks!