View Full Version : Diving the similan island in thiland anyone does it?

09/11/2015, 12:45 AM
so I my be flying back in to Thailand but was gonna focus my traveling on Cambodia and Vietnam. but thinking about doing a live aboard in the similan islands.
I hear it's just amazing!
anyone out there done it?
thoughts or should i look in to the Philippines. the trip in not just a dive trip but more of a backing the world trip. this would be my 3rd time in Thailand dove phuket ( did a dive master course there ) and went back about a year later and dove ko tao .

anyway just wanted to start up a conversation about the Similan islands.

09/11/2015, 04:35 AM
hi. whats your time shedule for the stay in khao lak and the similan nationl park? best time would be early to mid december up until end of march well into mid of april. the shift of the monsoon season changed quite a bit the last years around but in this timeframe you normally get the best vis and nicest experience. similans well up north into the burma banks are fantastic dives. i would also take a look into malaysia esp. the pulau tioman area - hidden gem! i have ran a dive operation in khao lak for some years up until the tsunami hit so msg me up if you need help. cheers, chris

09/11/2015, 10:22 AM
Hey Chris,
I was thinking early nov. but could easily switch things up a bit and do the diving at the end of the trip so 1st or second week of Dec.
thanks for the gem i'll look in to it.