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09/14/2015, 12:44 PM
I"m thinking of upgrading from my IM Fusion 40 to a Reefer 450. I currently have a FOWLR setup, but I would like to take the plunge into the SPS world.

Red Sea Reefer 450
Eheim Jäger 250watt heater
Kessil AP700
EcoTech MP40wQD
Bubble Magus Curve 9
Bubble Magus doser

Not sure what return pump to get yet..... any suggestions?

Would this setup be efficient for an SPS setup?

I would like to follow the KISS method (keep it simple stupid) but having some level of automation and controllability would be nice. Is the Apex system a must with SPS tanks? Is a doser that important or could I go manual dosing?

09/14/2015, 01:59 PM
Should be fine for SPS :)

Careful with the Kessil though... it's VERY strong.

09/14/2015, 03:30 PM
Reefer 450 is a 5 feet tank right?
Kessil AP700 is a nice looking light but it only cover up to 4' tank according to the website. For the money, you are much better off getting a 6 or 8 bulbs 5' sunpower.

Return Pump: I would recommend an Eheim 1262.
Flow: 2 x MP40 or 2 x Tunze 6105
Doser: Dosing pumps or Calcium Reactor is a MUST when it comes to SPS. You can't be home all the time, all year long to manually dose it. You can get 2 bulkreefsupply dosers and have them controlled by the Apex. Not that expensive.
Controller: For me its a MUST. I used to have so much trouble when the summer comes. The tank would get hot and I have to ask my parent to look at the temperature and ask them to turn on the fans. Now, everything is automated and can be controlled through the phone. If tempt get to 81, turn on the fans. Run the fan for 50 minutes and let it rest to cool down for another 10 minutes and run again. If tempt get to 83, shut down the light. The Apex also controls my dosing pumps as well. So for me, its a must but I could have gotten an Apex JR and still be happy. I don't really need all the function of the full Apex but oh well, I already bought it.

Reefer 450 is a beautiful system, I saw it at the Petstore. It would be a great sps system.

09/15/2015, 07:33 AM
Thanks for the info guys.