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09/18/2015, 04:23 PM
Does anyone have a crocea clam attached to a small substrate. I have tried to get it to attach to a larger rock but it seems happy with the substrate. Has anyone or does anyone have success putting clam loosly above but bottom between two rocks where the substrate fits comfortably. Or must i keep attempting to get the clam to attach to a piece of rock larger than the bottom of the clam.

09/19/2015, 01:41 PM
You can submerge a flat piece of rock or shell in your substrate and place your clam on top of it and eventually it will attach via its byssal threads. Maxima and Crocea clams should attach to a hard surface rather quickly however where it is placed.

09/19/2015, 06:05 PM
how do you mean "happy with the substrate"?

i've found that my crocea only attaches securely when happy, and that typically means giving it an absolutely searing amount of light. if it is on the substrate, it's probably not getting enough light. i have mine literally inches under my LEDs and it could easily still take more.

try moving it up to a very high spot in your rock work, and placing the small piece of rock under it. use it's weight to keep it in place, a flat rock under it helps as well.

09/29/2015, 08:59 PM
Clam update- i moved the clam up high just under the lights. When i purchased the clam it already had a piece of substrate a little smaller than a walnut which the clam is heavily attached to. I placed a larger rock under the clam and substrate hoping it would somehow attach to the larger rock. While putting a rock wall around it in case it moves. After a week or two it seems to move around the base rock positioning itself where the clam is putting its entire body and balancing completely on the substrate piece. Finally after continuing to keep move around a little and moving the substrate out of the little divit that seems tocrest the substrate amd clam against the rock where it fits well i put a little crazy glue on the bottom of substrate to attach it to the larger rock and keep it in place. I used so little thst although the substrate is not coming out of the little divit the clam is still moving a bit where it leans over amd again hovering over the larger rock while putting all its weight and body on the smaller substrate. Im concerned its not happy although its always opened amd mantle is very well extended. Here is a pic of the clam when it seems to fit but keeps moving. In the picture u can see where the clam is lifted off the rock and is laying on a 45 degree angle, if i move it where its more upright and bottom of clam sits nicely on the larger rock it moves off and seems to move back like the picture shows. Any thoughts?http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/09/29/1e67374236094cc18f0787927afb8f33.jpg