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carlos danger
09/19/2015, 03:51 PM
Hi. I posted this in the wrong thread but just wanted to be sure before I bought this. Just to be precise. I suppose I couldn't get away with a 2L for a 240 gallon? Would I be better suited to get the 4L. I'm kind of in the grey area. I guess flow would be comprimised more with that. I heard flow varies with these. Could you please let me know if I did go with the 4L if the sicce sincra 2.0 will be sufficient enough.
Carlos Danger

Avast Marine
09/20/2015, 08:08 AM
Hi Carlos,

We originally designed this with a lower flow in mind but the Zeo community follows the words of the Zeovit literature like scripture so we modified the design to allow for maximum flow and include a valve. As such, we are hesitant to recommend a specific amount of the stones for your tank and suggest following the manufacturer's recommendation for the ration of stones and flow for your tank*

*I wouldn't sweat it too much, a 2L should be fine and Sicce 1.5 is plenty of pump for either size reactor.

carlos danger
09/22/2015, 07:50 PM
Thanks. I really look forward to this. I decided to get the 4L as with my sump and tank I'm probably closer to 300 gallons. I'll definitely be showcasing this beautiful piece of equipment in my tank build here on Reef Central and Youtube. I'll be sure to shoot you the link if you'd like it. I'm the guy from Meridian, ID.

Thanks again,
Carlos Danger :thumbsup: