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09/19/2015, 07:13 PM
So I am looking to do a tonga branch scape, and of course the "Mr Kang" tank comes up a lot when looking online for tonga stuff. Which then led me to Korea reef club. Unfortunately I cant get any browser to translate very well for me so I am just left looking at pictures...... AMAZING pictures!

So I am wondering what the differences in trends are there compared to in the states?

Obviously they tend to do things a little more minimally than a lot of the stuff here which I would describe as a typical rock wall stuffed with corals. Looks fine, but lacks dimension imo. They also tend to keep things cleaner looking too. Less coralline on walls(which helps with dimension as well imo). But what about their lighting, filtration, supplementation etc? Theres a lot of tanks with amazing growth and unique colors, although they are more subdued kind of a pastel like than I am use to seeing on most US tanks here and the other forum.

09/19/2015, 08:27 PM
Korean reefs... Idk it's all Chinese to me....

I'll pay more attention the next time I drive to a Korean LFS