View Full Version : Possible inhabitants for my 12g nano

09/22/2015, 11:51 AM
Opinions based on experience please. I have a 12g nano at work, LPS, zoa corals only right now. I kept a small clown and a yellow watchman in it for over 3 years until one died over the weekend, took out the other fish and crashed the tank.

I started over last winter, new rock, used more coarse sand and much less of it, more for show than anything else. Now it's time to add fish again. A friend has offered her pair of clowns which would look great, however I'm worried because she says that they are both about 3 inches long and I'm afraid that might be too much for the small 12g volume.

I try to do a 1 gal water change each week and I only feed every other day or so. What are your thoughts? Is this pushing the limits too far?

Thank you for your thoughts.