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09/22/2015, 02:38 PM
After moving about a month ago, i tore town my FW planted tank that I had set up for the past 4 years. While it has been fun, i dearly miss having a SW tank in the house..I read the forums every day still so I can stay in the loop and see all the beautiful tanks.. My last tank I had unfortunately crashed due to a combination of extreme case of cyano and a 4 day power outage we had due to a freak ice/snow storm that hit the north east (PA). Its safe to say that the only thing that some how survived was my coral banded shrimp, and im not quite sure how he even did....

Anyways, im going to keep it simple and relatively small tank... I'm reusing my 29g (regular 29, no biocube) since I already have it and the custom built stand I made for it. It has a relatively small area underneath that I THINK i can fit a 10g, maybe a 20 tall if I reconfigure some things to add some sort of a sump since i never had one the last time. I'm not doing anything fancy, going to try and follow more of the K.I.S.S method here, except a little more than i had the last time.

I'm planning on drilling the tank to accept either a glass-holes overflow or even try and build my own custom overflow (i'm handy when it comes to building things... i have my own work shop and skills to do so)... I'm just unsure of whats better. I want it to be quiet, so im not sure if the glass-holes will do so, i'd like to incorporate a bean-animal system which the glass-holes doesnt seem to have enough room to accept. Anyone ever build their own? I REFUSE to do a hang on the back overflow...

I'm trying to do the tank on a mini-budget to see what I can accomplish

For equipment i'd like to do the following-- (please any input appreciated)

Circulation: Jebao powerheads x2- thinking maybe 2 wp-25 models unless thats too muchfor my 29?

Lighting: Right now I have a Aquaticlife dual T5 fixture. Its got freshwater bulbs in it so I'd replace obv. However, with the influx of LEDs now and the decent pricing, along with the DIY possibility, im leaning towards that... The dual T5 didn't seem to provide enough light the last time.

Filtration: Like i said, im thinking about either glass-holes or a custom overflow. If GH, i was THINKING a super-nano instead of the next step 700gph one. Is that TOO small? Its kind of a weird inbetween tank based on my reading. I'd like to do a custom though to do a bean-animal and keep things very quiet :uhoh2:

- Either a 10g or 20g Tall sump tank (mostly to hide equipment and give some more overall volume)
- Still thinking about a possible skimmer, or just doing a mini-refugium if I have any space LOL
- I want my return pump to be all but silent-- I was thinking a tunze silence 1073 if i do a small overflow, unless it isn't enough (i'll have about 3-4 feet of head height

Stock: Nothing crazy. Focusing more on coral with this tank. Maybe a small goby eventually or a clown pair or fire fish... Not decided yet. I WILL have a coral banded shrimp again despite what people say. It was my favorite thing in my last tank and i miss that the most.

Rock word will be fairly simple. Last tank i ruined it with too much rock and it was stacked against the back wall causing massive detritus build up and even fish to go back there to die and me not get to them very easily. Gonna keep it all centered and stacked that way.

Any input on return pumps, powerheads, lighting appreciated.

my planted tank at its best moments:

http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m206/vdubn5/551AA4C5-589A-42C8-A756-10B01B8192C6-7440-000005883E02D9B7_zpsdd236769.jpg (http://s105.photobucket.com/user/vdubn5/media/551AA4C5-589A-42C8-A756-10B01B8192C6-7440-000005883E02D9B7_zpsdd236769.jpg.html)

09/28/2015, 11:39 AM
Ordered my RO/DI unit today. Went with a 50gpd 5 stage setup.

still trying to decide on whether or not to do a sump or not since its only a 29g tank. Id like to do so only because it will add more overall water volume...but im kinda screwed with space under my tank in the stand. I dont have very much free cause i over-built the stand so much that it could probably hold a small car LOL

09/28/2015, 11:49 AM
Are you planning FOWLR or a reef?

09/28/2015, 01:29 PM
Are you planning FOWLR or a reef?

i'm going to do a reef tank with a coral banded shrimp and 1 (maybe 2) fish... just going to do zoas, frog spawn, some ricordeas and probably some xenia (its always been my favorite coral even if it is highly invasive)

trying to keep the overall bioload as low as possible. My last tank i had the bioload was high as i was way overstocked, i think i had 6 fish at one point. I learned from past mistakes.