View Full Version : Aquatronica Forum Should Be Back Up Oct 1st

09/29/2015, 03:11 PM
Hi Guys

For the Aquatronica fans that noticed the forum section was gone from Reef Central, you will be happy to know it will be back up on Oct 1.

The reason the site went down was very simple. The original owners of Aquatronica was AEB Industries in Italy. As you know the Aquatronica brand was sold to it's lead designer Massimo Brandi. Massimo has been very busy perfecting the touch controller and just this week released black box controller.

What happened was that AEB had been paying the annual bill for the Aquatronica forum section on reefcentral and as such Massimo had no idea of the terms of the contract and when it would expire. So it would seem the RC was billing AEB and not getting a response and they finally shutdown the forum. Since the shutdown a new contract has been worked on and funding for the forum has been approved. I am told that the forum should be online by Oct 1st and that all old posts etc will be intact.

All the Best