View Full Version : Can water be too clean for shrooms?

10/04/2015, 03:25 AM
Was wondering if anyone had any experience with this?

10/17/2015, 07:55 AM
I have never had good luck with mushroom corals over the years. I do keep LPS and SPS and I've had clams. My tank is a high nutrient tank with T5 lighting all the other corals are doing fine and growing just mushrooms never seem to spread.

Fish Keeper82
10/27/2015, 04:30 AM
I have mainly an all soft coral tank with mushroom grow pretty fast. I bought one small blue green mushroom back in June and it now has tripped in size and dropped 4 babies. I bought a red shroom about 2 months ago and it has doubled in size and about to split.
I consider my tank clean since i feed only 2 frozen cubes a day in a 125 gallon and use activated carbon reactor and a GFO reactor. Along with my skimmer.

My nitrates are always under 1ppm using red sea test.
PO4 runs from .02 - .05

I was feeding selcon as a food additive for a month or so and the shrooms didn't seem to grow much during that time.

I had a neglected tank years ago and without doing waterchanges for a long time and sub par lighting the shrooms and cabbage coral still grew ( at an extreamly slow pace)
so I've personally had them grow in both conditions. With clean being much faster for me. I suspect it might be more of an ALK / MAG issue. I use IO salt and never adjust parameters since my tank is mainly all soft. I just aim for the 1.026 and check the rest of the parameters the next day in the DT to make sure they didn't change drastically.

10/27/2015, 08:28 AM
I have experienced a similar thing until I started mixing reef chilli in with my frozen Mysis. A big skimmer, fuge, and lots of live rock can keep your water too clean. Try to keep your nitrates a touch above zero and you should be good. They just need some food. Your lighting could be part of the problem too. Too much that is if you are keeping sps.