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10/07/2015, 01:17 PM
Running a 90 g (48"LX24"Hx18"W)with 40g fuge and sump). I switched out my MH/VHO a while ago and been running the Reefbreeder Phonton 48 for 18months now. My photon is 2" above the water and I have the 90deg optics on it.

This is an established tank, with Neptune control, I dose 2 part, use RO/DI, very little fish. . CAl 420, Alk 9, Mag 1300, PH8.2, Phos .02 (or zero as I have almost no fish). In talking to my local marine biologist at the LFS my equipment and conditions are perfect. After a lengthy discussion, he feels my next best step is to tune in my LEDS better. Recommended I borrow a Par meter.

I run a mixed bag of things. Mostly LPS, frogspawn,hammers, mushrooms, zoos etc. In addition I have some of the easy SPS stuff birdspawn, Acropora

A few things like my Hollywood chalice is growing like on steroids. It's the majority of my SPS that is hanging on but just only barely.

I am going to find a Par meter, but also I've noticed that specimens just don't seem to 'pop' in color as much as I think they should.

Thus I have two topics.

1) Right now I am running the light exel spreadsheet (from RB website) and ramp up to 55% blue 50% white. I've been all up and down the board on these numbers and tried different settings very much higher or lower. I know I need the PAR meter but does these seem about right for what I am doing? I'm also going to change my mount as right now my light is only 2" off the water, going to move it up to 6"

2) The white channel rally bleaches out the color of coral. Especially the fluorescent. I am wondering if anybody has played around changing out some of the LED's in this channel to get better results. I just feel the white channel is too white. Has anyone else changed LEDS to improve?

10/15/2015, 05:13 PM
Get your blue to 100 and slowly ramp up white

10/20/2015, 05:03 AM
I thought I had also asked this question on here and got no response but someone mentioned in another forum that the whites are not beneficial after 55% and may cause cyano breakout. I don't know. I wish Logan or someone would chime in on this. Since I bought my a couple of months ago I've been boosting it up a little each week. I'm up to 80 blues and 60 whites but I'm thinking on backing the whites off.
Hopefully someone in the know will help us out. Tagging along

10/21/2015, 08:49 PM
The white channel won't grow algae any more than the blues will- algae uses the same light coral does, so this usually has more to do with water quality than lighting, though higher intensity lighting can cause more algae growth, simply because more light is present.

For the OP, it sounds like the light is a bit low to the water at 2", you may want to consider raising the light to about 6" plus, and turning up the intensity a bit. If chalices are doing well, you may have a lower intensity of light, which is good for lps/chalices, but not the best for sps, so you may either want to up the intensity of the light, or move the sps to the top of the tank if you have not already.

Another issue with a mixed reef, if you have a lot of lps and soft corals, but only a couple pieces of sps, the sps may not do as well due to chemicals some of these corals release- running carbon may help with this.