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10/13/2015, 09:28 AM
I placed an order for The Package just last week for my new tank. I was originally just looking for a source of dry Reef Rock 2.1 and it turns out that TBS uses this stuff. It's a man-made product, so the impact on the reefs of the world is pretty much zero, and while it's difficult to import natural live rock into Canada, this stuff is basically limestone and pumice cemented together, and after hearing Walt Smith talk at MACNA, it's nice to know that supporting them helps sustain their reefs.

I placed my order late Wednesday night and it arrived on Saturday. I picked it up just across the border from me at the nearest US airport and drove it back across the border. I had no problems at the border. When asked what it was, I answered truthfully. I was asked the value, and since I ordered a smaller package, I was charged no taxes or duty, but that often just depends on the border guard. I will say though, that before I got to the border, I covered up the sides of the boxes. They say "Live Tropical Fish" on the sides in big colourful letters, and since there were no fish inside, I didn't want that to show. The guys at the air freight pickup asked me what species I was picking up, and they looked disappointed when I told them it was just rock.

The shipment came with sand and rock, the rock is covered with barnacles and sponges (the barnacles were cool to watch filter feeding). I also saw a nice banded serpent star, an orange starfish maybe 1.25" across, various snails and a white urchin that's almost 2" across. When I put the rock into the tank, I never saw him, he was just on the glass the next morning. I have no idea where he could have been hiding. There are also periodic clicking sounds, so there may be a pistol shrimp hiding in there somewhere.

I've been monitoring the ammonia twice a day for 3 days now. The highest it's been so far has been about 0.1ppm using a Salifert test kit. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and I'll get the next batch of rock soon. I can't wait to get aquascaping!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my experiences with others out there. It's hard to find nice rock in Canada. If you live close to the border, I would recommend giving TBS a look, you only have to look at all the posts here to see that Richard is a breeze to deal with and the product is amazing. I can't wait to see all the colours that come in the next shipment!