View Full Version : Tahitian clams?

10/15/2015, 07:25 PM
Any reviews of clam mania? Anyone had luck with Tahitian clams? My goodness those are beautiful.

Read some bad things about 2011 regarding Tahitian clams.


10/27/2015, 09:15 PM
Pic of mine...i bought 5 days ago...i love it!

http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah42/michelos/Mobile%20Uploads/1445605823657_zpsx9tyn3b6.jpg (http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/michelos/media/Mobile%20Uploads/1445605823657_zpsx9tyn3b6.jpg.html)

11/18/2015, 07:57 PM
I bought two maxima clams from them at a reef show last year. They both died in quarantine about 20 days after I got them. I'll admit I don't have the best luck with maxima clams though I did try using all the advice I had read here and in books, also talked to the owner of Clam mania for tips. I talked to him again this year at the same show and he had no suggestions to offer other than he uses natural seawater and does massive water changes very frequently. I didn't find that suggestion very helpful. Best of luck though.

11/19/2015, 01:28 AM
They have great clams on their site. They say they are all wysiwyg. However when I was looking the photos never changed. When I was shopping for a new clam I sent a couple of e-mails, never got a response. I saw them at a show two weeks ago, all their clams were under 2 inches and in the $75 range. I picked one up from someone else.

12/03/2015, 08:56 AM
I sent an email and called no on picked up or emailed me back. Beautiful pictures though.