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10/16/2015, 07:29 AM
I picked up a trio of Maximas at the end of August. They never opened very fully from the start and since then have retracted a bit. They still open every day but not a lot, two of them open maybe 3/8" and extend the mantles only to the rim of the shell. The other opens maybe 5/8"

I think my flow is okay, they get indirect SPS flow, and my chemistry is keeping some sticks going:

Salinity: 1.026 (refractometry)
Temp: 78-79
Ca: 420-430
Alk: 8.1-8.2
Mag: 1450ish
NO3: < 5
PO4: < 0.05

Lighting: 2x BML 20K strips w/ 75deg lenses @ 57% fixture strength (max 50% whites and 60% blue/ UV) for 9h daily plus 1h either side for dimming (blue/ UV only)

Pretty sure nothing is pecking at them and I can't seen any critters on the mantles. But I could be wrong, I will admit that.

Thoughts as to what else would be causing the retractions?

Bogue Chitto
10/16/2015, 05:38 PM
I'm not sure but the nitrate may be the problem. If that is not, try moving them closer to the light and see if they do better.