View Full Version : How do you keep clown eggs aerated?

10/19/2015, 01:21 AM
Hi All,
I've had a few clutches of eggs from my clowns, on hatch night I separate them from the parents (they are layed on a teracotta pot) and put them in another 15 liter tank. The tank is filled with water from the parent tank and has the same water parameters (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite 0ppm, 28 degrees). I put an airline in to the pot and adjust the airflow so that bubbles are not directly hitting the eggs but so that water circulation is moving over them, I can see the eggs swaying so know there is water flow. However, by the next morning only a small number will have hatched and the rest have all clouded over and died.

Does this happen to anyone else, am I making some obvious mistake with how they are aerated after separation from the parents?

I'm beginning to wonder whether to leave the eggs in the parent tank till hatch and then catch them the next morning but I'm reluctant to do this as I don't want to stress the parents out by invading their tank chasing down babies. Does anyone else do this? I would have presumed the parents would eat them after hatch as the larvae are planktonic, so in the wild they would hatch at night and the parents would never see them again, if they are then floating about a tank the parents may not recognise them as their own young and eat them?

I'd be really grateful for any advice :)

10/19/2015, 02:41 AM
Put an air stone connected to your air line and have the bubbles go over the eggs, depending on how many eggs or how spread out they are you may need a couple.

I have my eggs get laid on a bathroom tile, on the night of hatch i will place them in the hatching tank leaning up against the glass so the eggs are faceing the bottom. Then i will place the air sones on the bottom of the tank against the tile so that the air bubbles run over the tile and through the eggs.

Hope that helps

10/19/2015, 03:51 AM
Ok I didn't realise the bubble had to run through the eggs rather than just in close proximity. Sometimes they go on a tile, when they do I have the same set up, with the eggs up against the glass facing the bottom. I thought fine bubble might be a problem so I had been using just the airline without the airstone attached.
I'll give this a try with my next batch, thanks for your help!