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10/20/2015, 09:14 AM
Tidal Gardens is a reef aquarium company that specializes in the aquaculture of live corals. The corals grown at Tidal Gardens are sold across the country through our online site www.tidalgardens.com. We are looking for an inventory manager to provide assistance cataloging the corals available for sale as well as providing some rudimentary care for the corals in inventory.

The Inventory Manager's tasks are as follows:
- Photographing corals
- Processing images in Light Room/Aperture/Photoshop
- Uploading processed images to the website (www.tidalgardens.com)
- Inspection of corals in inventory for health
- Husbandry of corals in inventory (target feeding and occasional cleaning)
- Assist with shipping of live corals
- Assist with social media updates

There is no education requirement, however the ideal candidate will need to be able to handle a steep learning curve. Salary will be based on previous experience in the aquarium industry as well as familiarity with graphics editing software such as Light Room/Aperture/Photoshop and some prior exposure to html coding. This position is listed as part-time, but it may become a full-time opportunity with an expanded role if the candidate works out well.

Job Type: Part-time

Please apply through indeed.com: http://www.indeed.com/cmp/Tidal-Gardens-Inc./jobs/Live-Coral-Inventory-Manager-c11fe0d1e70d1c03?q=coral