View Full Version : Tail Spot Blenny eating Squamosa clam

10/20/2015, 05:38 PM
Really strange, they have been in the same tank for a year. I have seen the blenny pick at the clam, but never really get a mouth full. Now, the is missing part of it's mantle in two spots. I see the blenny going back to nibble regularly. My working hypothesis is:

A. Clam got damaged and the damaged spot was susceptible to the blenny
B. Vacation fish keeper did not feed and the blenny, or clowns, or cherub angel helped supplement their diet with tasty clam nibbles.

Maybe both. Has anyone seen this?

My first thought is to isolate, but I only have one tank.
Second thought is to cover or protect is somehow, space is limited in RSM 34 gallon.
Maybe a mesh netting woucl protect from the fish but still let enough light in?

I would love recommendations from more experienced hobbyists. Thanks in advance for your help.

10/21/2015, 10:35 AM
Build an eggcrate cage for the clam

Move the blenny to a breeder box meant for freshwater livebearers

See if damage heals

10/24/2015, 09:44 PM
Thanks. I made a box for the clam and waiting to see what happens. The blenny is not able to make it through to the clam. Minor 'apparent' improvement, but will need a good amount of time to determine. Light/dark response is still in tact, so hopefully it will recover, in time. Thanks for your help.