View Full Version : Adding live food into their daily diet?

10/22/2015, 05:25 AM
I was just curious how many seahorse keepers use live food in conjunction with frozen? In the past I fed frozen 2 Xs a day as a staple and added live brine shrimp about 4 Xs a week. However, recently I placed a much larger order for live ghost shrimp because of a coupon. I gut load them with enrichment and have added 1 net full to the tank every evening (which is about 6). I still give my pair their frozen 2 Xs daily. My tank has been revamped with twice the flow and turnover so I don't expect that this will over feed it. My male has really blossomed into a robust looking stallion since doing this. My female has always looked round. I just wondered what others experiences were?

10/23/2015, 11:51 PM
I am! Live Brine shrimp on a regular basis. How regular really varies how much I can manage it. Right now I'm enriching with phyto, and I try to enrich for a few days before feeding out, up to a week.

I also just started doing a dip of the brine shrimp in water with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide when they first arive; brine shrimp are dirty dirty critters.

I would like to eventually do the brine shrimp enriching for a few days, and then the last 2-4 hours, enrich with Dan's Feed or something similar.

11/03/2015, 03:57 AM
Hi all! I feed seahorses live food at least a couple of times a week just because they seem so happy to get it! I feed gut-loaded brine shrimp a couple times a week (but I place the brine shrimp in a long soak of fresh-water mixed with some liquid phytoplankton for a couple of hours before feeding. The freshwater helps to kill off any parasites they might be carrying while obviously the phyto helps make them more nutritious). I do also like to give them ghost shrimp. But since my lfs only carries fresh water ghost shrimp I usually limit those to about once a week.