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10/31/2015, 11:41 AM
Hi, I bought a used ro system (not a spectrapure ) that is micro computer controlled with a booster pump and auto flushing etc. I got it super cheap because the seller was having issues with the controller going into alarm mode when he tried to run it.

So anyway I have been doing some trouble shooting and I found that with the booster hooked up the control goes into alarm mode, flashing orange and making a clicking sound.

If I remove the pump the control seems fine, going into operate mode, and my multimeter shows approx 24 volts across the leads that feed the booster, this made me assume the booster was the issue.

I connected the booster directly to the power source and it seems to run just fine.

I contacted the company that sold the system and after describing the issues I was told "we don't use controllers on our systems anymore so we can't help you there, just buy a new booster pump and see if that fixes it".

Anyway it seems to me that if the booster works on the power supply, the micro computer is likely the problem, hence why I'm here. Is there any chance that the micro computer controller that you use on your UHE systems would work in this one and if so do you sell them directly?

This is the controller that came on my system


11/02/2015, 10:59 AM
The UHE design and the design of your system are completely different. Send me pictures of all angles of your system via email. Also make sure the top view or where most of the plumbing is by the membrane close up so I can see how things are routed. IT is not likely that it will work, and I don't think management wants to sell those modules except to existing UHE customers.