View Full Version : what is the feeding amount for filter feeders?

calk me Q
11/12/2015, 01:38 AM
While in my view i incline to think the food in the tank should be at a certain density that will faciliate the filter feeders to catch no matter how many individual polyp in the tank.

Thats why im always looking for a receipt for FM food that i should feed a mix of FM CLAM,SEEA FAN, MINF,MinD that will have the same net dry weight as feeding rotifeaset and phytofeast.(As i never saw a successful story of FM-based NPS system). The first step is to follow the case of "successfully keeping dendronepthy for a year" where it dosed only phyto and shellfish. Im going to calculate how much dry stuff from that slurry has so i can substitute it with FM food(assuming the food weight/unit is the same).:love1: