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11/15/2015, 01:27 AM
Currently I have a jbj 12 gallon nano cube with 2 erectus seahorses in it, 2 Gobys and a bunch of snails. They're growing out of the tank fairly quick and seen a biocube for sale locally, the tank is running but I'm wondering if I can keep the sand they have in the tank, use my water and rock and transfer everything over in a day. They have rock in the tank but it looks like base rock and possibly mid cycle so I was going to introduce 1 rock at a time to be safe ?

11/15/2015, 08:45 AM
I personally wouldn't use anything that had livestock with it previously unless it has been sterilized first. There is always a chance of introducing pathogens that the seahorses haven't been exposed to before and they are KNOWN for having a problem dealing with such.
Hopefully this other tank will be suitable for adult sized seahorses PLUS your gobies.
A pair of seahorses should have at least 29g just for the pair, with an additional 15g for each additional pair.
I don't know how much to add for the gobies but probably 5g would be sufficient.
The most important factor in success IMO, is keeping the tank water extremely clean and not allowing ANY uneaten food and detritus to remain trapped out of sight around rocks and decor and in decor.

Bogue Chitto
11/15/2015, 01:56 PM
Rayjay is right, I would take what I already had and put it into the new tank.

11/16/2015, 07:43 AM
Yes, I too agree with Rayjay. With seahorses maintenance and husbandry are very very important. I transferred one seahorse tank to another and using an additive like biospira or seachem stability can help prevent too much of a cycle. I would still monitor ammonia and nitrites closely until the tank stabilizes.