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11/23/2015, 08:00 AM
Does anyone keep live mysis shrimp in their tanks with their sea horses and have any success with the shrimp breeding? If not, will I need to keep a supply of freeze dried mysis shrimp to compliment the brine shrimp?

11/23/2015, 09:44 AM
Many people have live mysids that inadvertently are introduced via live rock, corals, etc.
Many keep a supply of fresh water mysis on hand and then transfer some to the seahorse tanks for a live food treat.
For the purposes of the salt water aquarium hobby, mysis is generally used for fresh water shrimp and mysids used for the salt water version but they are all related.
I used to cultivate mysids and artemia for resale but it was a very labour intensive chore cultivating mysids so that eventually as I got older, I stopped and just kept up with the artemia. Now I only do artemia on a small scale.
If you have mysids in the tank, a rubble pile is great to help protect the young from the older ones, so you always have some there.
It's not a big producer though as they take a long time to grow to maturity.
A Mysid Generator works well but it's labour intensive as I mentioned.
As for brine shrimp, you DON'T WANT to be feeding much in the way of frozen brine, as frozen mysis is much better for them.
Most hobbyists use frozen mysis, and some use live adult brine that have been enriched, about once a week or two for a variety and "exerciser".
Hopefully you were not talking about newly hatched brine which are a WAY too small for standard seahorses other than fry.