View Full Version : what about minced mysis and artemia

calk me Q
11/27/2015, 08:04 AM
I was hoping to feed my NPS with rotifer feast or oyster feast which falls into the size of 200-400um. But here we dont have any products like this available.

So an idea came to me on a whim.

Could i mince the mysis and artemia so that they can fall into the acceptable size range to feed the seafan.

What you think? I think i should order a mincer first?
Your idea counts!

11/29/2015, 11:31 AM
I have been actually experimenting lot with this - high protein fresh foods pulverized into the "right size" as feed.

Use a blender and rotifer/bbs sieves to filter out the big pieces. If you have small fish then they can feed off the small pieces.

Mysis is very good (artemia not so much).

I talk about this in one of my threads (i think its here) but i do plan on writing about this topic in the future.