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12/04/2015, 06:56 PM
Is there anything I can do to repair a leak on the inside of the ROCv? When the solenoid for the booster pump is engaged water begins to run out the power cord hole on the bottom side of the control housing. I haven't broken the case open to see what may be wrong yet, I figured I would wait for your recommendation. I currently have the valve bypassed so it will only fill up after manual inspection.

12/05/2015, 04:20 AM

I'm very sorry to hear that your ROCv™ is having an issue. It's really hard to tell what might be wrong without examining the ROCv™. However, there are three seals in the ROCv™ - one diaphragm seal between the solenoid and the valve body, one seal on the inlet port, and one on the output port. The seals on the inlet and outlet can be fairly easily damaged by jagged edges on the end of the cut tubing (there are actually special cutters for RO tubing to prevent these jagged edges). The seal between the solenoid and valve body is less likely to be damaged since it's fairly well protected from abrasion and foreign bodies, but it can still develop a small tear - but that generally just means water could flow through the valve, not out of the valve. That's why my first thought would be that it's one of the tubing / port seals.

One other thing could be that the tubing has backed out a bit. Sometimes it feels like the tubing is inserted all the way, but with just a little more force it slides in another sixteenth to eighth of an inch.

Please shoot me an email through our website contact page and I'll get you taken care of!


12/05/2015, 07:09 AM
Email sent. Thanks Kevin.

12/17/2015, 11:59 AM
Have no worries if CS is needed. I sent out my ROCV for repair and received it within a week. Thanks for such fast service Kevin.