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12/05/2015, 08:57 PM
Royal Exclusiv® is a German manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality complete filter-systems, pumps and protein skimmers for salt water aquariums and reef systems. The company was founded in 1986 and serves a worldwide customer base from it headquarters in Cologne Germany as well as an additional distribution facility in Ft. Myers Florida.

Royal Exclusiv® is widely recognized as the manufacturer the Red Dragon pumps which have long been coveted as among the best marine aquarium flow pump and skimmer pumps in the world. Featuring an IP65 rated controller, CNC milled volutes with custom titanium impeller shafts, titanium impeller magnet covers and titanium screws, the RD3 series of flow and skimmer pumps bring a level of quality and engineering not found in any other line of pumps on the market.

Pictured is the dead silent RD3 230 variable speed pump which delivers a mind bending 5415 GPH at 0' head & over 5200 GPH at a 6' head!

Quality like no other.

All Red Dragon pumps are flow tested inhouse to insure they deliver performance unlike any other pump on the market.

In addition to pumps, Royal Exclusiv is the manufacturer of the Bubble King line of skimmers which is equally coveted as one of the best skimmer brands on the market.

Pictured is the Bubble King Supermarin 300 internal protein skimmer.

Additionally, Royal Exclusivs Dream Box series of all inclusive filtration systems bring a level of quality to sumps and aquarium filtration that is unsurpassed in the aquarium industry. With a wide range of sizes and options, there is an appropriately sized and well appointed Dream Box filtration system for virtually any size marine aquarium

Pictured below is the Dream Box 8C.


Royal Exclusiv maintains a complete line of CNC equipment along with a full set of engineering tools at its Cologne German Headquarters to insure that all Royal Exclusiv products meet or exceed the highest standards of quality and deliver unsurpassed performance.



12/06/2015, 09:44 AM
In an effort to improve worldwide support, we are monitoring this forum 7 days a week and will generally respond to questions same day. If you have a question, feel free to start a thread in this forum.

North American service & support can be reached via email at:
s.leif "at" royalexclusiv.com

For general inquiries and North American stock availability, Royal Exclusiv USA can be reached via email at:
Info "at" royalexclusiv.com

Royal Exclusiv USA website: www.royalexclusiv.com

International inquiries, service & support can be reached via email at:
Info "at" royal-exclusiv.de

Royal Exclusiv International website: www.royalexclusiv.net

Please note that at this time, Royal Exclusiv USA website only reflects inventory on hand for general sales. It doesn't reflect our entire product line or what is in transit from Germany to our Ft. Myers Florida warehouse. Our inventory at our Ft. Myers facility changes with regularity. For general product information, specifications and manuals for Bubble King Skimmers, Dream Box filtration products including Dream Box Sumps, Red Dragon Pumps as well as spare part information, please refer to our international website for our complete product listing at:

12/06/2015, 10:07 AM
I am so glad that they are putting the effort into support services, if we ever need it! Stocking parts and pumps state side is a huge plus, and having you on board Scott is the icing on the cake. Love my Supermarin 200.

12/06/2015, 10:22 AM
I am so glad that they are putting the effort into support services, if we ever need it! Stocking parts and pumps state side is a huge plus, and having you on board Scott is the icing on the cake. Love my Supermarin 200.

I will admit, it was long overdue but things have been handled the way they should be for several months now. "Speed Is Life" is our new moniker when it comes to support. Royal Exclusiv USA is modeling support and service after companies like Ecotech, Kessil and Tunze USA. Those companies set a great example of how support should be handled and if you are investing the kind of money into high end equipment, the service and support should match the quality. As such, Royal Exclusiv now has an advance exchange program in place for warranty service that includes expedited replacements. We continue to build up inventory at our Ft. Myers facility and have inventory set aside just for service stock. We will also be adding service inventory at our West Coast support office in Los Angeles (Chatsworth, CA).

Not only are we monitoring this forum 7 days a week but RE USA provides email support for North American customers 7 days a week as well and even after normal hours into the evening. I don't think there is another company in this industry that goes to that length to support its customers but times have changed and we are now going lead the way by going above and beyond to insure that our customers get the service and support they deserve.

Speed Is Life!!!

12/06/2015, 07:12 PM
Very excited about the dedicated sponsor forum. Without all of your help Scott my build would be way behind where it is now. Couldn't be happier with all of my Royal Exclusiv products and the service I have recieved from Scott here in the U.S. And Torston over in Germany!

12/09/2015, 08:51 AM
Hi there !

It's a personal experiences I would like to share with all of you out there !

I just got back last night from my short visit to the USA and also just bring back my dream skimmer .....BK double cone 200 + RD3 speedy control.

Still having some jetlag and expecting so much works so I will start my set up in the coming days or perhaps during the weekend. I am excited to see how it works then.

This is skimmer mot only from its well known being the high end German made skimmer , but the most important part is the best customer support Scott have ever provided to me .

Unlike you guys , you order, you pay they delivered . In my case as I have to had the skimmer deliver to my hotel at a very limited time and it is no way for any errors matter situation on the delivery as the consequences is I will miss my flight for more days.

Scott has made a perfect assistance he help me to coordinate the seller and even checking and tracking my cargo to make sure it will arrive on time .

Aside from this , Scott has also assist me on some other ways not related to this skimmer purchase . He is literally giving me friendly advises on so many things as well.

Some photos to share: ( my skimmer just landed Taiwan);



Thanks Scott!



12/17/2015, 07:38 PM
I will say I have been more than pleased with the help and support from the Royal Exclusiv team. I would not think twice about ordering more equipment from them when/if needed. I have a Red Dragon pump on my Vertex skimmer and recently bought the RD3 80w pump for my return pump. I am out of town for the holidays so did not want to swap it out then leave town. Cant wait to get home to plumb it in.

Scott is a real asset to the Royal Exclusiv team.


12/18/2015, 01:38 AM
Same as what Bigdog just mentioned , I got my first encounter and bought my BK double cone 200 + RD3 right after knowing Scott is with RE.

If it was not Scott, I think I am still not able to make my buy yet till now.

Scott give a very professional advise and after sales service , nothing more I can describe but only a very sincere appreciation for what Scott is helping .

Although i am still in the middle of waiting my BK DC 200 to break in but now I am thinking to replace my Eheim compact +5000 for red dragon pump be as my main return pump. But I am giving the weight to buy the 80watt RD pumps vs Abyzz pump.

Thumbs up to Scott!

12/22/2015, 07:47 AM
Bought the skimmer earlier this year it is awesome
Super marine 250 skims perfectly
Would definitely recommend
Service was amazing
40 years in reefing to find the perfect skimmer !!

02/05/2016, 10:47 AM
I stumbled upon the USA website and have a few questions as I'm looking to make a purchase for a Dreambox, bubble King Double Cone 180 +RD3 Speedy and 1 or 2 media reactors.
I was looking to go through Aquarium Specialty, and talked to Scott but wanted to see if shipping would be the same or less if dealing direct.

Thanks your your help.